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10 Most Prolific Serial Killers In History

Very few on this list have achieved the infamy of other serial killers,despite the lowest ranked having more confirmed kills than John Wayne Gacy,The Zodiac Killer and Fred & Rosemary West combined.Between the years of 1955-2003,those on this top 10 list are confirmed to have killed at least 955 people.There are those who strive to understand the workings of a mind which could commit such terrible crimes,and there are those who believe we never will.They come from all over the world,and from different backgrounds,but what connects them is their ability to kill,and the fact that they are on this list.The list is based on confirmed kills and excludes war criminals.Here are the 10 Most Prolific Serial Killers In History.

10)Andrei Chikatilo
Date of Birth:16th October 1946
Birthplace:Yablochnoye,Ukrainian SSR,Soviet Union
Known As:The Butcher of Rostov,The Red Ripper,The Forest Strip Killer,The Rostov Ripper
Confirmed No. of Victims:53
Possible  No. of Victims:56+
Years Active:1978-1990
Date of Arrest:18th January 1999
Criminal Penalty:Death by shooting
Further Information:Andrei Chikatilo was tried for the sexual assault,murder and mutilation of 53 women and children between the ages of 7-45 years old,he was found guilty of 52,but confessed to 56.From 1973-1981,Chikatilo was sexually molesting pupils in the schools where he worked as a teacher.His first murder was of a 9 year old girl in September 1978,he strangled and stabbed her after trying and failing to rape her.It was only through these means from this point on that Chikatilo could achieve sexual satisfaction.An innocent man was found guilty and executed for Chikatilo's first murder.Chikatilo was first arrested in September 1984,a knife and rope were found among his personal belongings and he fit the description of a man who witnesses described as walking with a young boy who was later found murdered.Chikatilo was judged to not be the serial killer on the loose when his blood type came back different to that from the semen taken from the crime scenes.It was later discovered that Chikatilo's blood and saliva were Type A,but his semen was Type AB.He is believed to have killed 14 people by the time of his first arrest.Chikatilo drew more serious attention to himself when he was observed leaving the site following one of his murders with grass stains and muddy clothes,his name and information was noted.When the victim was found,Chikatilo was placed under surveillance where he was seen attempting to lure women and children away from bus and train stations.He was arrested for a second time on 20th November 1990.By 29th November,he had confessed his crimes.Chikatilo was executed by gunshot on 14th February 1994.

9)Abul Djabar
Date of Birth:Unknown
Known As:N/A
Confirmed No. of Victims:65
Possible  No. of Victims:300+
Years Active:1960's-1970
Date of Arrest:October 1970
Criminal Penalty:Death by hanging
Further Information:Abul Djabar focused his killing on men and boys.He would strangle them using his turban while raping them.He was hung on 21st October 1970.Two innocent people had already been executed for his crimes.

8)Yang Xinhai
Date of Birth:July 1968
Birthplace:Zhengyang County,Zhumadian,Henan,China
Known As:The Monster Killer
Confirmed No. of Victims:67
Possible  No. of Victims:N/A
Years Active:1999-2003
Date of Arrest:3rd November 2003
Criminal Penalty:Death by shooting.
Further Information:Before he became a serial killer,Yang Xinhai had served sentences for theft and attempted rape between 1989-1999.He would enter the homes of his victims and murder whoever was inside the house using axes,hammers and shovels.Xinhai was arrested for acting suspiciously during a routine police investigation before the police realised he was wanted for murder.He confessed to 65 murders and 23 rapes,but he was found guilty of 67 murders and 23 rapes.He contracted AIDS from one of his victims.Xinhai was executed on 14th February 2004 by shooting in the head.He is the most prolific serial killer in Chinese history,and is quoted as saying "When I killed people I had a desire.This inspired me to kill more.I don't care whether they deserve to live or not."

7)Kampatimar Shankariya
Date of Birth:1952
Known As:N/A
Confirmed No. of Victims:70
Possible  No. of Victims:70+
Years Active:1977-1978
Date of Arrest:1978
Criminal Penalty:Death by hanging.
Further Information:Kampatimar Shankariya is confirmed to have killed 70 people with a hammer,he admitted that he killed for the pleasure.His final words before he was hung on 16th May 1979 were "I have murdered in vain" and "Nobody should become like me."

6)Pedro Rodrigues Filho 
Date of Birth:17th June 1974
Birthplace:Santa Rita do Sapucai,Mina Gerais,Brazil
Known As:Pedrinho Matador (Killer Petey)
Confirmed No. of Victims:71 
Possible  No. of Victims:100+
Years Active:1967-2003
Date of Arrest:24th May 1973
Criminal Penalty:400 years in prison (released on 24th April 2007 after 34 years)
Further Information:By the time he was 18,Pedro Rodrigues Filho had murdered 10 people,including his father.Many of Filho's victims were revenge killings,for example,he killed his father because his father murdered his mother.Filho killed at least 47 inmates while in prison.Despite his sentence of 400 years in prison,the maximum time allowed by law for someone to spend behind bars,in Brazil,is 30 years,Pedro was released after 34.He was arrested again in 2011 accused of false imprisonment.

5)Daniel Camargo Barbosa 
Date of Birth:22nd January 1930
Known As:Manuel Bulgarin Solis
Confirmed No. of Victims:72 
Possible  No. of Victims:150
Years Active:1974-1986
Date of Arrest:26th February 1986
Criminal Penalty:16 years in prison
Further Information:Though born in Columbia,the bulk of Daniel Camargo Barbosa's confirmed victims were killed in Ecuador.Barbosa's lust began after finding out a woman he fell in love with was not a virgin.From this point on,Barbosa developed an obsession with raping and murdering young virgin girls.He began with rape,but after being jailed for 8 years when one of his victims reported him to the police,Barbosa started murdering his victims so they couldn't report the crime.During his second prison term,following the rape and murder of a nine year old girl,Barbosa escaped the "Colombian Alcatraz" and,despite reports that he had not survived the escape,Barbosa made it to Ecuador where he would continue with the rape and murder of young girls between 1984-1986.Barbosa's 16 year prison sentence in 1989 was the maximum allowed by Ecuadorian law,however,in 1994,Barbosa was the victim of a revenge killing,after he was murdered by Luis Masache Narvaez,the cousin of one of Barbosa's victims.

4)Delfina and María de Jesús González
Date of Birth:Delfina:1912,Maria:Unknown
Known As:Los Poquianchis
Confirmed No. of Victims:91 
Possible  No. of Victims:91+
Years Active:1955-1964
Date of Arrest:14th January 1964
Criminal Penalty:40 years in prison
Further Information:Delfina and María de Jesús González would lure women in with help-wanted ads,then force fed them heroin and cocaine,and had them work as prostitutes.When the women became too sick or damaged to work they were killed by the sisters.They would also kill clients who were in possession of large amounts of money.The bodies of 80 women,11 men and fetuses were discovered on the property belonging to the sisters.Delfina died in prison,and Maria disappeared following her release.

3)Pedro Alonso López
Date of Birth:8th October 1948
Birthplace:Santa Isabel,Tolima,Colombia
Known As:The Monster of the Andes
Confirmed No. of Victims:110
Possible  No. of Victims:300+
Years Active:1969-1980
Date of Arrest:9th March 1980
Criminal Penalty:16 years in prison
Further Information:Another serial killer who benefited from the lenient 16 year maximum prison sentence in Ecuador is Pedro Alonso López.While he is reported to have had a troubled childhood where he himself is said to have been raped,he is believed to have raped and killed more than 300 girls across Colombia,Peru and Ecuador.The bodies of his discovered victims were girls between the ages of 9-12 years old.López was arrested after being trapped following a failed abduction.He was found guilty for the deaths of 110 victims,but confessed to a further 240.López was freed in 1994,then rearrested and charged with a murder which had happened 20 years prior in Colombia.He was judged to be insane and was sent to a psychiatric hospital.He was released in 1998 and his whereabouts are unknown.

2)Luis Garavito
Date of Birth:25th January 1957
Birthplace:Génova, Quindío,Colombia
Known As:La Bestia (The Beast),Tribilin (Disney's Goofy)
Confirmed No. of Victims:138
Possible  No. of Victims:172-400+
Years Active:1992-1999
Date of Arrest:22nd April 1999
Criminal Penalty:22 years in prison
Further Information:Luis Garavito targeted poor street children between the ages of 8-16 years old.He would gain their trust,take them on a walk then rape them,cut their throats and dismember their bodies.A significant number of the bodies of his victims showed signs of prolonged torture.He was apprehended when a number of witnesses put Garavito at the scene of many of the murders.While his accumulated sentences add up to around 1853 years in prison,Colombian law limits imprisonment to 30 years,and since Garavito cooperated with the police and led them to the crime scenes,his sentenced was reduced to 22 years.In 2006,the law changed so that certain crimes would carry a 60 year maximum prison sentence,meaning that it was possible to delay Garavito's release.

1)Harold Shipman 
Date of Birth:14nd January 1946
Known As:Dr.Death,The Angel of Death
Confirmed No. of Victims:218
Possible  No. of Victims:250
Years Active:1975-1998
Date of Arrest:7th September 1998
Criminal Penalty:Life Imprisonment
Further Information:A jury found Harold Shipman to be guilty of killing 15 of his patients,making Shipman the only British doctor ever to be found guilty of murdering his patients.It was a worker at a funeral parlour,in March 1998,who first brought attention to Shipman after noticing the high number of deaths among his patients.Between the end of a police investigation into the matter on 17 April 1998 and his arrest on 7th September 1998,Shipman killed three people.He was found to have forged the will of his final victim,in order to leave almost £400,000 to Shipman,and had killed the patient using diamorphine.This is how Shipman killed all his victims,then would falsify their medical documents to make it seem that they had died of natural causes.Despite only being tried for 15 deaths,an inquiry following the trial concluded that Shipman had killed at least 215 people,and was most likely responsible for up to 250 deaths.On 13th January 2004,Shipman hung himself from the window bars of his jail cell using bed sheets.

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The Firewall's Top 10 Jim Carrey Movies a.k.a. Happy Birthday Jim Carrey

Today (17th January) is the 53rd Birthday of actor Jim Carrey.Jim Carrey started off in the entertainment industry as a stand-up comedian,and now has an acting career which spans over 30 years.Carrey has won two Golden Globe awards with a further four nominations,as well as a BAFTA award nomination.Here are The Firewall's Top 10 Jim Carrey Movies.
If you prefer to watch and not scroll,here is the YouTube video version:

10)Bruce Almighty (2003)
Ever find yourself blaming a higher power for the bad things in your life? Then,you have something in common with Bruce Nolan (Carrey).However,when God takes exception to Bruce's insults and hands over his divine powers,Bruce will learn just how difficult it is to be God.
Running Time:101 mins
The Firewall Rating:6,7

9)Horton Hears A Who! (2008)
Based on the book of Dr Seuss.When he discovers that there is an entire microscopic world living on a speck of dust,it becomes the job of an elephant named Horton (Carrey) to protect the Whos of Whoville from complete destruction.
Running Time:86 mins
The Firewall Rating:6,8

8)Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events (2004)
Following the death of their parents,the three orphaned Baudelaire children are handed over to a distant relative named Count Olaf (Carrey).Olaf is only interested in the fortune he could inherit from the family,and will stop at nothing to make sure he gets it.
Running Time:108 mins
The Firewall Rating:6,9

7)Dumb & Dumber (1994)
Two equally stupid and naive but well-meaning friends called Harry and Lloyd (Carrey) set out on a trip to return a briefcase to its rightful owner.The film shows their trip across the country and the series of adventures and mishaps that happen along the way.
Running Time:107 mins
The Firewall Rating:6,9

6)The Mask (1994)
Stanley Ipkiss (Carrey) is a man who is too nice and has trouble saying what he wants,when he wants it,but all that changes when a mysterious mask comes into his possession.
Carrey earned his first Golden Globe nomination in the category of Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture-Comedy/Musical for his performance.

Running Time:101 mins
The Firewall Rating:6,9

5)Kick-Ass 2 (2013)
This sequel sees the return of everyday superheroes Kick-Ass and Hit Girl as they increase their efforts to fight crime.As they come up against the vengeful Red Mist,the pair are joined by a fresh group of costumed heroes,one of which is Colonel Stars and Stripes (Carrey).
Running Time:103 mins
The Firewall Rating:6,9

4)Man On The Moon (1999)
In this biopic,Carrey gets to show off his range of acting ability by portraying the life and career of subversive comedian Andy Kaufman.Carrey was rewarded with a Golden Globe award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture-Comedy/Musical.
Running Time:118 mins
The Firewall Rating:7,4

3)Liar Liar (1997)
Despite the love he feels for his son,Fletcher Reede (Carrey) continuously lets him down by breaking the promises he makes,but Reede's life and career as a lawyer are turned upside down when his son's birthday wish,wanting that his dad wouldn't be able to lie for one whole day,comes true.This role would be Carrey's second to be nominated for a Best Performance Golden Globe.
Running Time:86 mins
The Firewall Rating:7,4

2)The Truman Show (1998)
From the moment he was born,Truman Burbank's (Carrey) life has been manipulated,filmed and broadcast for all the world to see,without the knowledge of Burbank himself.However,one day Burbank starts to notice that the world around him,may not be what it seems.Carrey won his first Golden Globe award for his performance,this time for Best Performance by an Actor in a dramatic role.
Running Time:103 mins
The Firewall Rating:8,1

1)Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (2004)
Following the end of their relationship,and finding out that his ex,Clementine,has had him erased from her memory,Joel Barish (Carrey) decides he wants to do the same.However,before the procedure is complete,Barish rediscovers the love he has for Clementine and wants to go back,but is it too late? Carrey earned Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations for his role.
Running Time:108 mins
The Firewall Rating:8,5

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The Firewall's 50 Favourite Elvis Presley Singles

Today (8th January) would be the 80th birthday of actor and musician,Elvis Presley.Known simply as "The King",Elvis Presley's music career started at Sun Records in 1954.His first acting role came in November 1956 in Love Me Tender.Between 1956 and 1969,Presley would star in 31 movies.Presley's live performances and the dance moves that Elvis would use during his songs were highly controversial for conservative audiences,and led to a Catholic newspaper warning J. Edgar Hoover that Presley was "a definite danger to the security of the United States" and Ed Sullivan would declare him "unfit for family viewing".Presley would release 24 studio albums and 18 soundtracks during his life,and would release 111 singles between 1954-2008.Unfortunately Presley's story turned into a tragedy when he died on 16th August 1977 at the age of 42 from what is judged to have been a sudden violent heart attack.Drug abuse and an enlarged heart are believed to have been the main causes of his premature death. Even so,Presley inspired generations of fans and musicians who followed him,and still has a dedicated following to this day.The Firewall has put together its 50 Favourite Elvis Presley Singles,and here they are...

50) Burning Love
Release Date:1st August 1972
Writer(s):Dennis Linde
Album:Burning Love and Hits from His Movies,Volume 2
Highest Chart Position:2 (US Billboard Hot 100)

49)An American Trilogy
Release Date:1972
Writer(s):Daniel Decatur Emmett,Julia Ward Howe,Mickey Newbury,Unknown
Album:Elvis:As Recorded at Madison Square Garden
Highest Chart Position:8 (UK)

48)You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
Release Date:1970
Writer(s):Pino Donaggio,Vito Pallavicini,Vicki Wickham,Simon Napier-Bell
Album:That's The Way It Is
Highest Chart Position:1 (US Adult Contemporary,France)

47)Poor Boy
Release Date:1956
Writer(s):Ken Darby
Album:Love Me Tender (EP)
Highest Chart Position:24 (US Billboard Hot 100)

46)I Got A Woman
Release Date:1956
Writer(s):Ray Charles,Renald Richard
Album:Elvis Presley
Highest Chart Position:N/A

45)A Big Hunk o' Love
Release Date:23 June 1959
Writer(s):Aaron Schroeder,Sidney Wyche
Album:50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong:Elvis' Gold Records Volume 2
Highest Chart Position:1 (US Billboard 100,Canada)

44)I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Cry (Over You)
Release Date:1956
Writer(s):Joe Thomas,Howard Biggs
Album:Elvis Presley
Highest Chart Position:N/A

43)Stuck On You
Release Date:23rd March 1960
Writer(s):J.Leslie McFarland,Aaron Schroeder
Album:Elvis' Golden Records Volume 3
Highest Chart Position:1 (Canada,Australia,Italy,US Billboard Hot 100)

42)Big Boss Man
Release Date:September 1967
Writer(s):Luther Dixon,Al Smith
Highest Chart Position:16 (France)

41)If I Can Dream
Release Date:5 November 1968
Writer(s):Walter Earl Brown
Highest Chart Position:2 (Australia)

40)Let Yourself Go
Release Date:1968
Writer(s):Joy Byers
Highest Chart Position:19 (Australia)

39)Marie's The Name (His Latest Flame)
Release Date:8 August 1961
Writer(s):Doc Pomus,Mort Shuman
Album:Elvis' Golden Records Volume 3
Highest Chart Position:1 (UK,Canada)

38)Love Letters
Release Date:8th June 1966
Writer(s):Victor Young,Edward Heyman
Album:Elvis' Gold Records Volume 4
Highest Chart Position:6(UK)

37)Clean Up Your Own Backyard
Release Date:17th June 1969
Writer(s):Mac Davis,Billy Strange
Album:Almost In Love
Highest Chart Position:15 (New Zealand)

36)Moody Blue
Release Date:29th November 1976
Writer(s):Mark James
Album:Moody Blue
Highest Chart Position:1 (US Billboard Hot Country Songs)

35)Good Luck Charm
Release Date:27th February 1962
Writer(s):Aaron Schroeder,Wally Gold
Album:Elvis' Golden Record Volume 3
Highest Chart Position:1 (US Billboard Hot 100,UK,Canada,Australia,Norway,South Africa,Sweden)

34)Are You Lonesome Tonight?
Release Date:1st November 1960
Writer(s):Lou Handman,Roy Turk
Album:Elvis' Golden Records Records Volume 3
Highest Chart Position:1 (US Billboard Hot 100,UK,Canada,Australia,Belgium,South Africa)

33)I Forgot To Remember To Forget
Release Date:20th August 1955
Writer(s):Charlie Feathers,Stan Kesler
Album:The Sun Sessions
Highest Chart Position:1 (US Billboard Hot Country Songs)

32)My Boy
Release Date:1975
Writer(s):Phil Coulter,Bill Martin
Album:Good Times
Highest Chart Position:1 (US Adult Contemporary,Canada)

31)Always On My Mind
Release Date:1972
Writer(s):Wayne Carson,Johnny Christopher,Mark James
Album:Separate Ways
Highest Chart Position:4 (Canada)

30)Suspicious Minds
Release Date:26th August 1969
Writer(s):Mark James
Album:From Memphis To Vegas/From Vegas To Memphis
Highest Chart Position:1(US Billboard Hot 100,Canada,Australia,Belgium,New Zealand,South Africa)

29)A Little Less Conversation
Release Date:September 1968
Writer(s):Mac Davis/Billy Strange
Album:Almost In Love
Highest Chart Position:25 (Canada)

28)Such A Night
Release Date:1964
Writer(s):Lincoln Chase
Album:Elvis Is Back
Highest Chart Position:2 (Denmark)

27)Shake,Rattle and Roll
Release Date:1956
Writer(s):Jesse Stone
Album:Elvis 56
Highest Chart Position:N/A

26)Viva Las Vegas
Release Date:28 April 1964
Writer(s):Doc Pomus,Mort Shuman
Album:Comman Performances:The Essential 60's Masters II
Highest Chart Position:3 (Denmark)

25)You'll Never Walk Alone
Release Date:1968
Writer(s):Richard Rodgers,Oscar Hammerstein II
Album:You'll Never Walk Alone
Highest Chart Position:44 (UK)

24)She's Not You
Release Date:17th July 1962
Writer(s):Jerry Leiber,Mike Stoller,Doc Pomus
Album:Elvis' Golden Records Volume 3
Highest Chart Position:1(UK,Ireland,Norway)

23)A Mess Of Blues
Release Date:5 July 1960
Writer(s):Doc Pomus,Mort Shuman
Album:Elvis' Gold Records Volume 4
Highest Chart Position:2(UK)

Release Date:7th February 1961
Writer(s):Doc Pomus,Mort Shuman
Album:Elvis' Golden Records Volume 3
Highest Chart Position:1 (US Billboard Hot 100,UK,Canada,Australia,Belgium,South Africa,Sweden)

21)Return To Sender
Release Date:5th September 1962
Writer(s):Winfield Scott,Otis Blackwell
Album:Girls! Girls! Girls!
Highest Chart Position:1 (UK,Canada,Australia,Ireland,Norway,Spain,Sweden)

20)(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care
Release Date:1957
Writer(s):Jerry Leiber,Mike Stoller
Album:Jailhouse Rock Ep
Highest Chart Position:14 (US R&B/Hip-Hop Songs)

19)(You're The) Devil In Disguise
Release Date:1963
Writer(s):Bill Giant,Bernie Baum,Florence Kaye
Album:Elvis' Golden Records Volume 4
Highest Chart Position:1 (UK,Canada,Belgium,France,Holland,Ireland,Norway,Sweden)

18)Can't Help Falling In Love
Release Date:1st October 1961
Writer(s):Hugo Peretti,Luigi Creatore,George David Weiss
Album:Blue Hawaii
Highest Chart Position:1 (US Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks,UK,Australia,South Africa)

17)(Now and Then There's) A Fool Such As I
Release Date:10th March 1959
Writer(s):Bill Trader
Album:50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong:Elvis' Gold Records Volume 2
Highest Chart Position:1 (UK,Canada,Australia,South Africa)

16)It's Now Or Never
Release Date:5th July 1960
Writer(s):Wally Gold,Aaron Schroeder,Eduardo di Capua
Album:Elvis' Golden Records Volume 3
Highest Chart Position:1 (US Billboard Hot 100, UK, Canada,Australia,Austria,Belgium,Norway,South Africa,Spain,Sweden,Switzerland)

15)Hard Headed Woman
Release Date:10th June 1958
Writer(s):Claude DeMetrius
Album:King Creole
Highest Chart Position:2 (US Billboard Hot 100,US Hot Country Songs,US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs)

14)Mystery Train
Release Date:August 1955
Writer(s):Junior Parker,Sam Phillips
Album:The Sun Sessions
Highest Chart Position:10 (US Hot Country Songs)

13)King Creole
Release Date:19th September 1958
Writer(s):Dennis Linde
Album:King Creole
Highest Chart Position:1 (Sweden)

12)Crying In The Chapel
Release Date:1965
Writer(s):Artie Glenn
Album:Elvis' 40 Greatest
Highest Chart Position:1 (US Adult Contemporary Tracks,UK Canada,Austria,Ireland,Norway,South Africa, Spain, Israel, Hong Kong)

11)Love Me Tender
Release Date:6th October 1956
Writer(s):Elvis Presley,George R. Poulton,Ken Darby
Album:Love Me Tender EP
Highest Chart Position:1(US Billboard Hot 100,Canada)

10)That's All Right
Release Date:19th July 1964
Writer(s):Arthur Crudup
Album:Elvis:A Legendary Performer Volume 1
Highest Chart Position:N/A

9)In The Ghetto
Release Date:April 1969
Writer(s):Mac Davis
Album:From Elvis In Memphis
Highest Chart Position:1 (Australia,Belgium,Germany,Ireland,New Zealand,Norway,Spain,Sweden,UK N.M.E: Top 40 Singles)

8)(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear
Release Date:11th June 1957
Writer(s):Kal Mann,Bernie Lowe
Album:Loving You
Highest Chart Position:1 (US Billboard Hot 100,US Hot Country Songs,US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs,Canada)

7)Heartbreak Hotel
Release Date:27th January 1956
Writer(s):Mae Boren Axton,Thomas Durden
Album:Elvis' Golden Records
Highest Chart Position:1 (US Billboard Hot 100,US Hot Country Songs,Canada,Italy)

6)Don't Be Cruel
Release Date:13th July 1956
Writer(s):Otis Blackwell,Elvis Presley
Album:Elvis' Golden Records
Highest Chart Position:1 (US Billboard Hot 100,US Hot Country Songs,US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs)

5)Hound Dog
Release Date:13th July 1956
Writer(s):Jerry Leiber,Mike Stoller
Album:Elvis' Golden Records
Highest Chart Position:1 (US Hot Country Songs,US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs,Canada,Italy)

4)All Shook Up
Release Date:22nd March 1957
Writer(s):Otis Blackwell,Elvis Presley
Album:Elvis' Golden Records
Highest Chart Position:1 (US Billboard Hot 100,US Hot Country Songs,US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs,UK,Canada,Italy)

3)Blue Suede Shoes
Release Date:8th September 1956
Writer(s):Carl Perkins
Album:Elvis Presley
Highest Chart Position:2 (Italy)

2)Guitar Man
Release Date:1968
Writer(s):Jerry Reed
Highest Chart Position:10 (Canada)

1)Jailhouse Rock
Release Date:24th September 1957
Writer(s):Jerry Leiber,Mike Stoller
Album:Jailhouse Rock
Highest Chart Position:1 (US Billboard Hot 100,US Hot Country Songs,US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs,UK,Canada,South Africa)

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