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The 50 Wins Of Mike Tyson

On this day (22nd November) in 1986,a boxer named Mike Tyson defeated Trevor Berbick to become the youngest Heavyweight champion in boxing history at the age of 20 years,4 months and 22 days. Due to the power of his punches,Tyson earned the nicknames of 'Iron' Mike and 'The Baddest Man On The Planet'.Tyson rarely took a step backwards,he was always on the offensive and threw punches with lighting speed for a heavyweight of his size and stature.While his career has its fair share of controversy,and his prime cut short due to a prison sentence,when boxing fans ask questions like 'who would win in a match between Ali and Tyson?' you know that Tyson made a huge impact in the boxing world.In his professional boxing career,Tyson fought 58 times.This list focuses on his 50 wins (44 knockouts,5 decisions,1 disqualification) over an 18 year period.So,enjoy the 50 wins of Mike Tyson.
For those who would rather watch a video,here are the Top 10 Fastest Mike Tyson Wins:

6th March 1985 - Vs Hector Mercedes 
Hector Mercedes' Pre-Fight Record:Won-0 Lost-3
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):1 (4)
Tyson's first professional fight was against Hector Mercedes.Mercedes had a pretty even first couple of minutes with Tyson,but then Tyson switches gears and starts landing the big punches Mercedes quickly decided it better to just crouch in the corner to end the fight in the first round.

10th April 1985 - Vs Trent Singleton
Trent Singleton's Pre-Fight Record:Won-1 Lost-3
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):1 (4)
Next up was Trent Singleton,this match would,also,only last one round but Singleton would put up nowhere near the same fight that Mercedes did in Tyson's first fight.

23rd May 1985 - Vs Don Halpin
Don Halpin's Pre-Fight Record:Won-10 Lost-18
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):4 (4)
Then came Don Halpin,another fighter which many expected to be more of a sacrificial lamb,but Tyson seemed to take the opportunity to test out some different styles and give the fans a bit more of a fight to watch.It would end in some controversy when Tyson lands a powerful blow after Halpin is already on his way down.

20th June 1985 - Vs Ricardo Spain
Ricardo Spain's Pre-Fight Record:Won-1 Lost-0
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):1 (6)
For his fourth fight,Tyson was up against Ricardo Spain,a fighter who was undefeated but was,also,30lbs lighter than Tyson,and there was no experimentation from Tyson in this one,it was all over in less than a minute.

11th July 1985 - Vs John Alderson
John Alderson's Pre-Fight Record:Won-3 Lost-0
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):2 (6)
Off the back of another first round win,Tyson was up against a different type of fighter in John Alderson,who seemed to tower over the 5'10 Tyson,but what Tyson lacked in height,he more than made up for with power,and in two rounds he made that very clear to Alderson.

19th July 1985 - Vs Larry Sims
Larry Sims' Pre-Fight Record:Won-3 Lost-16 Draw-3
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):3 (6)
Tyson's 6th professional fight against Larry Sims was apparently not recorded,therefore there is no official footage of the fight.It lasted 3 rounds and ended in a KO.

15th August 1985 - Vs Lorenzo Canady
Lorenzo Canady's Pre-Fight Record:Won-3 Lost-0
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):1 (6)
Next,Tyson would take on the undefeated Lorenzo Canady,and Tyson was not messing around,he exploded out of his corner intent on doing some damage and earned himself another first round victory.

5th September 1985 - Vs Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson's Pre-Fight Record:Won-11 Lost-5
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):1 (6)
Michael Johnson would be Tyson's 8th fight and 8th knockout.Johnson is described in the video as more of a cruiserweight,and Tyson certainly cruised past him after his most impressive knockouts of his professional career.

9th October 1985 - Vs Donnie Long
Donnie Long's Pre-Fight Record:Won-15 Lost-3
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):1 (6)
Donnie Long was being billed as the toughest boxer to face Mike Tyson,but with 1 minute and 28 seconds of the first round Long was on the canvas and Tyson was celebrating his 9th knockout.

25th October 1985 - Vs Robert Colay
Robert Colay's Pre-Fight Record:Won-7 Lost-7 Draw-1
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):1 (8)
Despite Tyson being at both a weight and height disadvantage to Colay,it made absolutely no difference to the outcome of the fight.Colay would become Tyson's 10th knockout and 7th within the 1st round.

1st November 1985 - Vs Sterling Benjamin
Sterling Benjamin's Pre-Fight Record:Won-5 Lost-6 Draw-1
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):1 (8)
Tyson's 11th fight was against Sterling Benjamin and would last less than a minute of the 1st round.but in that time he dished out so much punishment to Benjamin that even Benjamin was impressed,stating after the match that Mike Tyson had hit him harder than he's ever been hit in his career.

13th November 1985 - Vs Eddie Richardson
Eddie Richardson's Pre-Fight Record:Won-10 Lost-2
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):1 (8)
In this fight against Richardson,Tyson wasted no time letting his opponent know what he was in for,with the first punch Tyson threw knocking down Richardson,and a little over a minute later the fight was over after Tyson landed a punch which gave him his 12th win and 12 KO.

22nd November 1985 - Vs Conroy Nelson
Conroy Nelson's Pre-Fight Record:Won-15 Lost-7 Draw-2
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):2 (8)
Conroy Nelson was another fighter who people were predicting would give Tyson a challenge and perhaps take him beyond round 4,which at this point was the longest any of Tyson's professional fights had lasted.However,when it came to fight time,Nelson did little more than cover up to try and prevent too much damage being caused by Tyson's punches and then shortly inside the second round felt the full force of a Tyson knockout punch.

6th December 1985 - Vs Sammy Scaff
Sammy Scaff's Pre-Fight Record:Won-13 Lost-6
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):1 (10)
After the lengthy 2 round match Tyson had against Nelson,he seemed determined to make sure work of Sammy Scaff,and he did.Within 1 minute and 19 seconds the fight was over and Scaff seemed to be suffering from a broken nose.

27th December 1985 - Vs Mark Young
Mark Young's Pre-Fight Record:Won-8 Lost-6
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):1 (10)
Mark Young came out swinging for the fight against Tyson,he didn't seem to want to give Tyson a chance to breathe and find his spot but he wasn't causing Tyson any damage and just like so many fighters before him,Young fell victim to the power and speed of Mike Tyson.

11th January 1986 - Vs David Jaco
David Jaco's Pre-Fight Record:Won-19 Lost-5
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):1 (10)
Tyson's 16th victory would come against David Jaco in another match that wouldn't even last 1 round,but Jaco took so much punishment in the 2 minutes the fight lasted that it must have felt like an eternity,I don't know how Jaco took so many punches,but the referee stopped the fights perhaps 1 minute after it should have really finished.

24th January 1986 - Vs Mike Jameson
Mike Jameson's Pre-Fight Record:Won-14 Lost-9
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):5 (8)
For the first time in his professional career,Mike Tyson would be taken to the 5th round by Mike Jameson.That's not to say that it was a close fight,Jameson did a lot of holding in the match and he certainly was tough enough to take some really solid punches from Tyson,I think any fighter who didn't have the build of Jameson would not have lasted 5 rounds.

16th February 1986 - Vs Jesse Ferguson
Jesse Ferguson's Pre-Fight Record:Won-14 Lost-1
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):6 (10)
Much like Jameson in Tyson's previous fight,Jesse Ferguson was a boxer who was capable of absorbing the punishment that Tyson was dishing out.However,unlike Jameson,Ferguson's conditioning was excellent and he was able to land some decent punches on Tyson.For these reasons and some good tactical decision,Jameson was able to take Tyson to the 6th round for the first time in Tyson's professional boxing career,although I don't know how Jameson survived that 5th round.The fight was ultimately ruled a technical knockout,after Ferguson would continue to hold on to Tyson and not break when the referee told him to,the referee decided that Ferguson was incoherent and no longer could fight.

10th March 1986 - Vs Steve Zouski
Steve Zouski's Pre-Fight Record:Won-25 Lost-9
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):3 (10)
Going into this fight,Zouski's proudest achievement was that he had never been knocked off his feet,but after 3 rounds with Tyson that achievement had come to an end.Zouski took some big punches,so I can understand how he managed to stay on his feet against other fighters,but obviously Tyson was too much for him and Tyson earned his 19th professional win and 19th knockout.

9th May 1986 - Vs James Tillis
James Tillis' Pre-Fight Record:Won-31 Lost-8
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):10 
The James Tillis fight was one in which Tyson was finally able to show his ability to go 10 rounds in a fight,as well as how well he could take his opponent's punches.The knockout streak was over but Tyson had won by judges decision.It was learning experience for Tyson and it would ultimately make him a better boxer.Tillis' punch on the move technique proved effective and he was able to give as good as he got.

20th May 1986 - Vs Mitch Green
Mitch Green's Pre-Fight Record:Won-16 Lost-1 Draw-1
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):10 
For the second time in his professional career,and second time in less than a month,Tyson was forced to go the distance in a fight.The main difference between the Mitch Green fight and the James Tillis fight is that Tyson was a lot more aggressive,he didn't seem as nervous about going the full 10 rounds.Green would also seem to run out of steam after the first few rounds and do a lot of holding of Tyson instead of boxing,this led to a clear win for Tyson by judges decision.

13th June 1986 - Vs Reggie Gross
Reggis Gross' Pre-Fight Record:Won-18 Lost-4
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):1 (10)
After 2 fights where Tyson was taken the full 10 rounds,the fight against Gross would be his return to the first round knockout.Tyson didn't come out looking as aggressive as he has before but when Gross started throwing a string of punches,Tyson started ducking,dodging and waiting for the opening and as soon as he saw it,Tyson landed a punch which knocked Gross to the mat,and not too long after Gross getting up,he was back down again and the match was over.

28th June 1986 - Vs William Hosea
William Hosea's Pre-Fight Record:Won-12 Lost-3
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):1 (10)
Tyson made short work of William Hosea,winning by knockout in the 23rd fight of his professional career.Despite some controversy over whether or not Hosea beat the referee's count,it seems quite clear to me that Hosea had very little interest in getting to his feet until it was too late.

11th July 1986 - Vs Lorenzo Boyd
Lorenzo Boyd's Pre-Fight Record:Won-15 Lost-5
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):2 (10)
The first fight for Tyson as a non-teenager would be against Lorenzo Boyd and last less than 5 minutes.Unlike previous Tyson fights where you could see the knockout coming,the one seemed to come out of nowhere.Boyd seemed to be standing his ground but in a matter of seconds Tyson had landed a hard body shot and then a knockout punch to finish the fight.

26th July 1986 - Vs Marvis Frazier
Marvis Frazier's Pre-Fight Record:Won-16 Lost-1
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):1 (10)
Tyson's next fight was against the son of boxing legend Joe Frazier,Marvis Frazier.The fight lasted no longer than 30 seconds after Tyson managed to get Frazier into the corner and land a series of punches,each one powerful enough to knockout Frazier.

17th August 1986 - Vs Jose Ribalta
Jose Ribalta's Pre-Fight Record:Won-22 Lost-3 Draw-1
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):10 (10)
The early rounds of this fight were difficult to watch because of there being so much holding,it made the fight slow and quite boring,however,in the later rounds Tyson started getting more freedom and did a lot of damage to Ribalta in the final few rounds.There are questions of whether or not Ribalta would have made it to the end of the fight if the referee hadn't of stopped the fight but there was no chance of Ribalta winning the fight so it was probably better for him anyway and gave Tyson another knockout victory.

6th September 1986 - Vs Alfonso Ratliff
Alfonso Ratliff's Pre-Fight Record:Won-21 Lost-3
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):2 (10)
From the moment Alfonso Ratliff got into the ring with Mike Tyson you could see he had no interest in fighting Tyson,instead he spent a lot of the 5 minute duration backing up and staying away from Tyson,but a couple of minutes into the second round Ratliff ran out of places to hide and Tyson dominated.

22nd November 1986 - Vs Trevor Berbick
Trevor Berbick's Pre-Fight Record:Won-31 Lost-4 Draw-1
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):2 (12)
Tyson's 28th professional fight would be for the WBC Heavyweight Title against Trevor Berbick and if he won,Tyson would realise his ambition of becoming the youngest boxer to hold a heavyweight title.Trevor Berbick didn't cause Tyson any problems at all,Tyson basically had Berbick under control and could land as many punches as he wanted to from the moment the first bell rang.During the second round Tyson hit Berbick with a seemingly harmless straight jab,however Berbick had taken so much punishment prior that his body just gave up on him,despite Berbick's attempts to get to his feet,his legs wouldn't let him and the fight was over.

7th March 1987 - Vs James Smith
James Smith's Pre-Fight Record:Won-19 Lost-5
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):12
After winning the WBC Heavyweight Title,Tyson would then be given a chance to defend his title and win the WBA Heavyweight Title.This opportunity would come against James Smith,and it was a bad tempered fight from the very start with the two fighters often choosing to carry on after the bell had rung to end the rounds.Smith seemed reluctant to fight Tyson and this led to frustration from both Tyson and those watching.Tyson would end up on the floor in the 7th round but not from a punch but from tripping over his own feet.The fight would go all the way to the final bell,which makes it the first time Tyson had to go 12 rounds in his professional career,but the way that Smith chose to approach the fight meant that he had no chance of winning the fight on points and Tyson would win his second heavyweight titles.

30th May 1987 - Vs Pinklon Thomas
Pinklon Thomas' Pre-Fight Record:Won-29 Lost-1 Draw-1
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):6 (12)
After a disappointing display by Tyson's standards against James Smith,in the first round against Pinklon Thomas,Tyson dominated the first round like he wanted to finish him early,but after that came 4 rounds which were a lot slower but where Tyson was never troubled by Thomas.Then came round 6 and after landing an uppercut on Thomas,Tyson put a sequence of punches together which no boxer could have stood up against,Thomas took a few right on the chin,before his body had enough.

1st August 1987 - Vs Tony Tucker
Tony Tucker's Pre-Fight Record:Won-34 Lost-0
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):12
Against Tony Tucker,Tyson would have a chance to win his third heavyweight title,which is the IBF Heavyweight Title. For the first half of the fight,Tyson and Tucker seemed evenly matched and Tucker was proving to be the toughest opponent Tyson had faced up to that point,but in the second half,Tyson started taking control and landing the bigger punches.However,Tucker continued to fight in a way that didn't allow Tyson to put any dangerous combinations together.There was a good final round,and ultimately the judges decision would go to Tyson making him the undisputed heavyweight champion at the age of 21.

16th October 1987 - Vs Tyrell Biggs
Tyrell Biggs' Pre-Fight Record:Won-15 Lost-0
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):7 (12)
Tyson's first defense of his 3 titles would come against Tyrell Biggs,and from the starting bell,Tyson was dominant,Biggs started with a bounce in his step as his went around the ring but that bounce quickly disappeared when Tyson started hitting Biggs with some powerful punches.Biggs did well to last as long as he did but he was never in the fight and Tyson won by KO at the end of the 7th round.

22nd January 1988 - Vs Larry Holmes
Larry Holmes' Pre-Fight Record:Won-48 Lost-2
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):4 (12)
Next came Larry Holmes,this fight would only last 4 rounds and Holmes spent 3 of them just trying to keep Tyson away,he looked scared to get hit by Tyson.Then,when the 4th round started a different Holmes came out of the corner,he was on his toes and looking to hit Tyson with some offense,but this would be short-lived,and Tyson found his way through to Holmes and hit him with so many explosive punches that Holmes would hit the canvas twice in the 4th before being knocked out 5 seconds before the end of the round.

21st March 1988 - Vs Tony Tubbs
Tony Tubbs' Pre-Fight Record:Won-24 Lost-1
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):2 (12)
Tony Tubbs was the first fighter who I think stood toe to toe with Mike Tyson in the first round and came out looking just as good,if not a little bit better.It was the same at the start of the second round as well but within a few seconds the whole balance of the fight had changed and Tyson landed a powerful hook which knocked out Tony Tubbs and the fight was over within 6 minutes of it beginning.

27th June 1988 - Vs Michael Spinks
Michael Spinks' Pre-Fight Record:Won-31 Lost-0
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):1 (12)
Tyson made Michael Spinks look like just some guy off the street in this fight,he burst out of the corner and was all over Spinks.Spinks had no opportunity to fight back and no chance of winning the fight.Tyson retained his titles,won The Ring Heavyweight titles and scored his 16th first round knockout of his professional career.

25th February 1989 - Vs Frank Bruno
Frank Bruno's Pre-Fight Record:Won-32 Lost-2
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):5 (12)
Frank Bruno started this fight like he was fighting for his life,I hadn't previously seen a fighter fight so wildly against Tyson as Bruno was.As time past,Bruno seemed content with just holding Tyson and trying to hit Tyson while he was being held,but after the 3rd round,Bruno really seemed to run out of steam and that is when Tyson was able to capitalise and towards the end of round 5 Tyson knew Bruno was in trouble and just kept landing blows until the referee had to step in and stop the fight.

21st July 1989 - Vs Carl Williams
Carl Williams' Pre-Fight Record:Won-22 Lost-2
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):1 (12)
The Carl Williams fight is a subject of controversy due to its early stoppage,many believe that Williams could have continued fighting but personally,I think Williams doesn't have anyone but himself to blame,if he really was in good enough shape to keep going then he did nothing to convince the referee of that fact,they don't show it in the replays following the fight but you see it Williams fails in his first attempt to get to his feet and once up,he closed and opened his eyes like he didn't know where he was.Even if the fight would have continued,it would have most likely lasted a minute longer because when an opponent is hurt,that is when Tyson is at his most dangerous.That being said,Tyson landed one of the best knockout punches of his career against Williams and I'm not sure there are many who would not have been beaten by that punch.

16th June 1990 - Vs Henry Tillman
Henry Tillman's Pre-Fight Record:Won-20 Lost-4
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):1 (10)
This was Tyson's first fight since he had suffered what is considered one of the biggest shock defeats in boxing against Buster Douglas.There continues to be claims of whether or not Douglas should have been counted out in round 8 of that fight with many believing it was a slow count,but the fight continued and Tyson got knocked out for the first time in his professional career and lost his titles.Know just another former heavyweight champion,it was all about how Tyson would bounce back against Henry Tillman,who had previously beaten Tyson twice as an amateur and prevented Tyson going to the 1984 Olympics.Any doubters got their answer though as Tyson disposed of Tillman in one round.

8th December 1990 - Vs Alex Stewart
Alex Stewart's Pre-Fight Record:Won-26 Lost-1
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):1 (10)
Tyson was against proved how dominant he could be in the 1st round of fights.Tyson knocked down Stewart within the first 10 seconds of the fight,and before the end of that round Stewart would hit the canvas two more times which brought the 3 knock down rule into effect,despite the count of the referee on the 3rd knockdown.

18th March 1991 - Vs Donovan Ruddock
Donovan Ruddock's Pre-Fight Record:Won-25 Lost-1 Draw-1
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):7 (12)
At this point people were wondering whether or not Tyson was back on top form,and in this fight against Donovan 'Razor' Ruddock fans would see Tyson dominate for a majority of the match,but Ruddock was able to take some of Tyson's best punches and stay on his feet.This would be another fight to end in controversy after Tyson gained the upper hand and landed a series of powerful blows to Ruddock and the referee stepped in to stop the fight despite Tyson failing to knock down Ruddock.If the referee would have waiting about 5 more seconds everyone would have had a definitive answer whether or not it would have led to the end of the fight,either Ruddock would have been knocked out or he would have taken the punches but continued to fight,but it wouldn't be long before there would be a rematch.

28th June 1991 - Vs Donovan Ruddock II
Donovan Ruddock's Pre-Fight Record:Won-25 Lost-2 Draw-1
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):12
Tyson's first re-match of his professional career would be against Donovan Ruddock and it would come just 3 months after their first meeting.After the first fight ended with controversy,the question was whether or not Tyson would be able to finish what he started and knock Ruddock out,but it was not to be.Ruddock and Tyson went the full 12 rounds,in a match where most the offense came from Tyson but Ruddock was able to take the punishment and land some good shots on Tyson.There were points being taking off all over the place by referee Mills Lane for fighting after the bell, and low blows but in the end,Tyson would win by unanimous decision.This would be the last time Tyson would go the distance in a fight and his last professional match before serving 3 years in prison after being convicted of rape.

19th August 1995 - Vs Peter McNeeley
Peter McNeeley's Pre-Fight Record:Won-36 Lost-1
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):1 (10)
Tyson's comeback fight would be against the number 7 ranked heavyweight in the world at the time,Peter McNeeley.McNeeley came out of his corner with seemingly no fear against Tyson,and the two fighters were just on top of each other the whole time exchanging blows.McNeeley would get knocked down once,but get straight back up but when he got knocked down again shortly afterwards,it was not the referee but McNeeley's own corner who decided to stop the fight,which many consider to have been premature,but Tyson had added another 1st round win to his tally.

16th December 1995 - Vs Buster Mathis Jr.
Buster Mathis Jr's Pre-Fight Record:Won-20 Lost-0
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):3 (12)
No-one gave Buster Mathis Jr. a chance of getting past the first round against Tyson,despite his undefeated record,but he managed to take Tyson to the 3rd round by fighting in an almost Tyson-esque fashion,in the sense that he got below Tyson and was constantly ducking to find an angle,Mathis Jr. was,also,very aggressive and forced Tyson to miss many of the punches he threw,but towards the end of the 3rd round Tyson landed a punch which Mathis Jr. wouldn't be able to recover from.

16th March 1996 - Vs Frank Bruno II
Frank Bruno's Pre-Fight Record:Won-40 Lost-4
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):3 (12)
In Tyson's next fight,he would come up against Frank Bruno who he had defeated in 5 rounds 7 years prior.It would give Tyson a chance to reclaim the WBC Heavyweight Title.Bruno would at no point during the 3 round fight figure out how to come back at Tyson.It seemed like every big punch Tyson threw landed on Bruno and all Bruno could do was hold on to Tyson to the point that referee Mills Lane threatened to disqualify him.The fight continued and less than a minute into the 3rd round,Tyson would land 10 punches in a row which would force Mills Lane to stop the fight,which gave Tyson the WBC Heavyweight title.

7th September 1996 - Vs Bruce Seldon
Bruce Soldon's Pre-Fight Record:Won-33 Lost-3
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):1 (12)

After winning the WBC Heavyweight title for the second time,Tyson would be given the chance to win the WBA Heavyweight title for the second time in his fight against Bruce Seldon.Despite the speed with which Seldon was moving and jabbing,he would not make it out of the first round,before the 2 minute mark,Tyson would have knocked Seldon down twice,and although Seldon was able to get up,he was too shaky and the referee had to stop the fight.This is the fight which rapper Tupac Shakur attended just moments before being shot and killed.

16th January 1999 - Vs Francois Botha
Francois Botha's Pre-Fight Record:Won-39 Lost-1
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):5 (10)
When Tyson faced Botha,it had been a year and a half since Tyson's last boxing match and 2 and a half years since his last win.Tyson's record was no 45 wins and 3 losses after losing back to back fights against Evander Holyfield,the second of which Tyson would lose by disqualification after the infamous bite which took off a piece of Holyfield's ear.The incident resulted in Tyson losing the WBA Heavyweight title,being forced to vacate the WBC Heavyweight title,being fined $3 million and having his boxing license taken away,although his license would later be reinstated.Tyson's return to the ring would once again be surrounded by controversy when Tyson would be accused of trying to break Botha's arms while holding during the fight.It would be a bad-tempered fight but one fought confidently and without fear by Botha,who at certain points would feel confident enough to taunt Tyson,but Tyson landed a punch in the 5th round which knocked Botha out and finished the fight.

29th January 2000 - Vs Julius Francis
Julius Francis' Pre-Fight Record:Won-21 Lost-7
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):2 (10)
Between his win against Botha and this fight,Tyson had been sentenced to more time in prison,been released and fought against Orlin Norris which ended in a No Contest after Norris said he had injured his knee following being knocked down by Tyson at the end of the first round.This fight against Francis was a mismatch but it gave people the chance to see that Tyson was still able to dominate opponents and a minute into the 2nd round,Tyson had knocked Francis down multiple times before the referee stopped the fight.

24th June 2000 - Vs Lou Savarese
Lou Savarese's Pre-Fight Record:Won-39 Lost-3
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):1 (10)
The Savarese fight would last just over 30 seconds.Tyson would knock Savarese down with his first punch,and although Savarese would get to his feet,Tyson was like a wild animal,he was all over Savarese and the referee decided to stop the fight,but that didn't stop Tyson,who would continue to attack Savarese and even jumping over the referee to do so after apparently failing to understand that the fight was over.Apparently this was one of the fights which Tyson had either the day prior,or just before the fight taken drugs,which may explain his wildness.

13th October 2001 - Vs Brian Nielsen
Brian Nielsen's Pre-Fight Record:Won-62 Lost-1
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):7 (10)
Prior to the fight against Nielsen,Tyson had fought Andrew Golota,Tyson won by knockout in the 3rd round but it was changed to No Contest due to Tyson's post match drug test coming back positive for cannabis .Nielsen would fight defensively against Tyson and would get hit with a number of powerful shots but still manage to make it to the end of the 6th round in a reasonably clean fight.However,as the bell sounded for the start of the 7th round,Nielsen decided that he could not continue and the match was awarded to Mike Tyson.

22nd February 2003 - Vs Clifford Etienne
Clifford Etienne's Pre-Fight Record:Won-24 Lost-1 Draw-1
Winning Round (Number Of Rounds):1 (10)
His win against Nielsen meant that Tyson would get a shot at the title against Lennox Lewis,but Tyson would lose that fight as a result of a knockout in the 8th round.Tyson's next fight would be against Clifford Etienne which would last less than a minute in a performance which was like a flashback of the 20 year old Tyson with the speed and aggression which he displayed against Etienne.Tyson knocked out Etienne with one of the cleanest and most powerful looking punches of his whole career.Tyson would go on to fight twice more,against Danny Williams and Kevin McBride,but this win against Etienne would be the last win of Tyson's boxing career.

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